Infertility Support:

Patiently Waiting One on One infertility Support is designed for anyone looking for support while they are struggling with infertility. Individuals who have attended Patiently Waiting and have gone through a similar experience can provide prayer, encouragement and share their infertility experience to give support.

If you think you could benefit from being paired with a One on One Patiently Waiting support person, or to learn more about Patiently Waiting's infertility One on One support, please contact Ashley Jensen.


Adoption Support:

Patiently Waiting Adoption Support Group is a group of couples and individuals who meet on a monthly basis to discuss all the aspects of adoption. Some of the topics that are discussed at the support group meetings include:

  • Different ways to adopt;
  • Funding an adoption;
  • Facts vs. myths about adoption;
  • How do you decided if you are ready to move forward with an adoption; and
  • To support couples as they go through the adoption process.

The Adoption Support Group meets the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in attending an Adoption Support Group meeting, or to learn more about the Adoption Support Group, please contact Kari Nokken.